Make your house your home.


our process

the details are not the details. they make the design.

- charles eames

What to expect

Old Goats Hard Goods is not your average hardware store. Quite the contrary, we are a showroom that features custom hardware and cabinetry for residential and commercial applications.

Here are some tips that will help make your first visit more enjoyable as well as productive.

  1. Call to schedule an appointment. We want to be able to focus on your project so please call ahead and allow us to block off time to work with you. Of course, we also welcome you to just stop in at your convenience.

  2. Designs/colors/material samples are always helpful in helping you to find the best hardware and cabinetry for your project. Bring as much as you can so we can review. We love it when you can share your Pinterest/Houzz/etc. boards for us to get an idea of your design intent before you arrive for your appointment.

  3. We always try our best to greet everyone that enters the store but there are times when we are working with customers and do not see you arrive. Always feel welcome to approach the counter and ask us for help.

  4. We’ve got coffee and beer. And a place to charge your phone.

  5. Planning any type of project can often take considerable time. Our team offers an in depth educational experience to help the whole process run more smoothly while reducing confusion, therefore allow ample time on you first visit.


established in 1992

While many people see us as a supplier of custom hardware and cabinetry for residential and commercial projects, we really are an integrated design partner specializing in the details that make a project truly unique.

To highlight a few differences:

  1. As a critical partner in the final project finishes, our team has been integral in every phase of the build process for the last 20 years. This is longer than any other company in the valley and it means that we’ve got long-standing relationships with builders, architects and designers alike.

  2. We believe that investing in the local community is good for everyone.  Our entire team lives right here in the Valley.  Need to pick something up after hours, no problem.

  3. Our job is to make you look good.  Whether you are a designer, builder or homeowner, we know that the details matter and we’ve got 20 years of experience managing those details.

I look forward to seeing you soon

Joni Petro