don’t be boring.


install great stuff.

Designers and architects strive to create spaces that tell a story, create spectacle and add drama; incorporating elements that are designed to a defined level of detail, enough to capture the essence of their purpose. Sometimes the goal is to be the centerpiece. Other times, it is to play a supporting role. Through all of these applications, we partner to create a unique space for you, that isn’t boring.


We make it simple.

Our process has been honed over the last 20 years. We understand the issues that arise throughout the process and have developed our own process that makes it painless and efficient. No more forgetting to order the house numbers.


We make it easy.

At Old Goats, we’re excited about design, flow, layout and details. And while cabinetry and hardware decisions are often left until the end of the project, our process helps to integrate it early on to help eliminate rework and delays.


Brands you trust.

Utilizing brands that have stood the test of time, we recognize that people enjoy both timeless design as well as trending ideas. Whether you are looking for traditional, transitional or contemporary, we have the products for you to choose from.


To make you look good.

Building has changed over the years and we have too. We’ve invested significant time in understanding your needs and managing details to help you project succeed. Let’s talk about how our process will help your process.